The Goodhue Farmers Market (GFM) is located on the southeast corner of Broadway & 3rd avenue in Goodhue, Minnesota. The street address of the market is 202 Broadway Street, North.

For more information contact: Linda Heydt, Market Manager, 952-412-0669

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Vendor Application

Vendor Guidelines

Hours & Dates
The GFM will run every Wednesday from June 15 through October 12. The market will not
be open on July 3rd. The hours will be from 3-7 pm. The market will also be open for the
month of October, on Wednesdays, but hours will be from 4-7 pm. Hours of operation are
subject to change with notice, by the Market Manager, for reasons such as inclement or
hazardous weather. Vendors must provide the Market Manager with a phone number so she
can notify them of the closure.

Drop-in vendors need to notify the market manager by 5 pm on Monday, the week of market, to
sell on Wednesday.

The rate for a permanent spot during the 2019 season is $75 for June through October. Drop in
vendors will be charged $10/week, as long as space is available. Drop in vendors may become
permanent vendors but must pay the permanent spot fee. Fees must be paid in advance.
Once the fee is paid, it is non-refundable.

Geographic Eligibility
Vendors who raise or produce their products on property they own or lease, within a 60 mile
radius circle of the market location, are eligible to sell at the GFM. This will allow for a “local”
market. Prospective vendors living outside of the 60-mile circle can contact the farmers market
committee to plead their case for selling at the GFM.

Each vendor will be provided with a 12X12 space. A second stall may be available, upon
request & subject to availability. Vendors must provide their own table, canopy, signage &
anything else they may need to sell their goods.

Allowed Goods
Vendors may sell only products produced, grown, or created by the vendor. Reselling of any
products is not permitted. The following are approved for sale:

  • Vendor grown fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices
  • Baked goods or processed foods (must be labeled with information about ingredients)
  • Vendor produced farmstead products such as cheeses, meats, fish, poultry, eggs, baked goods, honey, maple syrup, and preserves, if prepared & labeled in accordance with rules established by the MN Department of Agriculture.
  • Vendor grown bedding plants, hanging and potted plants, dried flowers, and cut flowers
    and plants.
  • Arts, crafts, and other locally produced, hand-made products by the vendor
  • Processed items must be sold with a valid processing license or comply with Minnesota
    labeling law requirements
  • All items must be prepared, displayed, sampled and stored in accordance with
    Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Minnesota Department of Health and Goodhue
    County Health and Human Services Department guidelines.
  • Produce sold as “certified organic” must have originated from a certified organic farm
  • Farmers/growers that are not certified organic growers, but use organic practices,
    according to federal regulations or National Organic Standards, or practice pesticide-free
    farming, may advertise or sell produce labeled accordingly
  • All items may be sold by bulk, bundle or individual item. Items sold by weight require a
    state certified scale
  • Vendors may sell any items approved of by the committee or shown in their market
  • Artisan items are subject to a jurying process
  • The market manager or designee have the right to ask vendors to remove

Vendor Licenses, Permits, Taxes
Each vendor is responsible for payment of his/her own state sales tax and must abide by all
state & local ordinances. Vendor is responsible for obtaining all correct licensing for sale of their
products, and should be ready to submit or show copies of licenses, permits etc. to the market
manager, when asked. All vendors must, each year, provide the market manager with a
Minnesota Operator Certificate of Compliance for state sales tax, even if they are not selling
taxable items (form ST-19, which can be found online or from the market manager). Any vendor
required by law to carry a food handler’s license or other licensing must have these posted at
their vendor stall. A copy of all licenses must be submitted to the market manager.
Guidelines for all vendors
● Vendors may be working at the market location from 1:30 pm to 8 pm. Sales hours are
from 3pm to 7pm (or 4pm to 7pm in October).
● Vendors must be ready to sell at the start of sale hours & remain at market until it closes.
(If sold out, vendors may pack up & leave, only if safe to do so).
● Vendors, visitors & customers are not allowed to bring live animals to the market, either
for sale, trade or give away or as pets.
● Vendors family members & employees may sell. Vendors children of 16 years or older,
with a valid driver’s license, may sell unaccompanied. Children under the age of 16 may
sell, so long as they are accompanied at the market by the vendor, vendors employee,
or vendors child of 16 or older with a valid driver’s license.
● No music or noise shall be permitted that can be heard within 30 feet of the vendors
● All goods for sale must be in sound condition. All edible goods must be safe for human
consumption. The vendor is solely responsible for any damage resulting from the sale of
unsound or unsafe goods. If complaints about food quality are received by the market
manager, market committee or the city of Goodhue, the vendor will be asked to remedy
the complaint. Failure to do so may result in loss of vendor privilege to sell the item at
the farmers market.
● Vendors must prominently display information to identify the name of the business or
operation, including the name of the owner & the location of the business.
● Vendors required by law to carry a food handlers license or other licensing must have
these posted at their vendor stall.
● Vendors must wear shoes, shirts & dress appropriately for vending in public.
● All vendors must clean up around their vehicles when they have completed their sales
for each day. All trash must be disposed of properly and all stall areas must be cleared
of debris.
● The market manager or designee is responsible for overseeing the activities of the
market & enforcing the market guidelines when necessary.
Code of Ethics
This “Code of Ethics” represents guidelines for being a good neighbor and a good member of
the Market. Please remember that although we may have different reasons for being at the
Market, we all have an interest in its long-term success and in the success of the other vendors
at the Market.
● Price your product fairly – Gross undercutting is not acceptable and hurts everybody.
Pay attention to what others are charging for similar products, especially if those
products are at the Market in abundance. Fresh and local products have a number of
advantages over their grocery store counterparts, and should be priced accordingly.
● Market honestly – First, follow the rules: only sell what you produce, only sell what the
market allows you to sell, and follow the limits on regulated items for marketing and
display. Second, follow the law with regard to labeling your product, whether as organic,
chemical-free, grass-fed, etc. Third, be honest when describing the qualities of your
● Honor your products – Everybody has a lapse in quality every now and then. How you
handle customer complaints reflects on the entire market, not just you.
● Be respectful of other vendors – Keep disagreements with other vendors private.
Don’t interrupt when customers are interacting with other vendors.
● Respect the space of other vendors and the walk-way for customers – A single line
of stall-fronts has more visual appeal than a ragged line, and hiding your neighbor
behind your stall is not appropriate. Leave room for customers to walk down the aisle.
● Downplaying other vendors is not acceptable – Talk your product up instead of
talking somebody else’s down and let the customer choose.
● Pay attention to your stall and personal appearance – An orderly stall is a safe place,
and the appearance of vendors and their space reflects on the Market as a whole, not
just on the individual.
● Be courteous to all customers – They are, after all, why we are here. Make an effort to
greet and offer help to customers whenever possible.
● Read, follow & abide by the market guidelines – The Market guidelines allow for a
smooth-running Market that provides a level playing field for all vendors. Take time to
understand them, and then follow them.
Conflict Resolution
In the event of a conflict, vendors need to follow this chain:
● Vendor speaks to vendor
● Vendor speaks to vendor with market manager present
● Vendor speaks with market manager
● Vendor speaks with Market committee
● Vendor speaks with city council
Violation of Market Guidelines
● First offense – Verbal warning from the market manager or the GFM committee
● Second offense – Written notice from the GFM committee
● Third offense – Loss of selling privileges for the remainder of the market season. Market
fee will not be refunded.
● “Extreme clause”-for extreme violations, farmers market committee & city council can
move to the 3rd offense

Market Committee Responsibilities
The following is the responsibility of the GFM committee:
● Providing general market liability insurance coverage
● Promoting the market and vendors to the public
● Promoting the city of Goodhue
● Encouraging active community participation
● Recruiting & retaining both vendors & customers
● Providing current applications, policies & procedures
● Providing easy access to relevant state rules, regulations and requirements
● Enforcing the policies of the market
● Revoking the selling privileges of anyone in repeated or gross violation of the rules

Covenant not to sue
The vendor may not institute any action or suit at law or equity against the Goodhue Farmers
Market, the Goodhue Farmers Market committee or it’s members, or the City of Goodhue or it’s
employees. A vendor will not aid in the institution or prosecution of any claim for damages,
costs, loss of services, expenses, or compensation for or on account of any damages, loss or
injury to person(s) or property as a result of operation of this contract. This section shall survive
any termination of the contract.

The vendor agrees to fully indemnify the Goodhue Farmers Market, the Goodhue Farmers
Market committee or it’s members, or the City of Goodhue or it’s employees and any adjacent
property owner from any & all liability, loss or damage(s) which may be incurred as a result of
any and all claims, demands, costs, judgments or expenses, including attorney fees, arising
from the vendors participation in the Goodhue Farmers Market. This section shall survive the
termination of the contract.

Events and Promotions
The GFM may conduct promotions and events at the farmers market to attract additional
customers to the market & add to the atmosphere of the market. Vendors agree to cooperate
with the GFM &/or its designees in conducting such events and promotions.

These guidelines were adopted by the GFM committee & City of Goodhue at the Goodhue City
Council meeting.