Consumer Water Report 2018

Goodhue Monitoring Results
This report contains our monitoring results from January 1 to December 31, 2017.
We work with the Minnesota Department of Health to test drinking water for more than 100 contaminants. It is not unusual to detect contaminants in small amounts. No water supply is ever completely free of contaminants. Drinking water standards protect Minnesotans from substances that may be harmful to their health.

Swanson Heights 2nd Addition Covenant – March 15th 2018

The Economic Development Authority of the City of Goodhue, hereby makes the following declarations as to limitations, restrictions and uses to which all of the lots or tracts in the Swanson Heights Second Addition, in the City of Goodhue except Block 1, constituting said plat may be put, and thereby specifies that such declarations shall constitute covenants to run with the land provide by law, and shall be binding…