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The City of Goodhue is accepting job applications for the position of City Clerk. You can download an application from our home page or by clicking here.

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City of Goodhue
Position Title: City Clerk

Department: Administration

Supervisor: Mayor

Position Summary
The City Clerk serves as the primary support and office manager for the city by performing and
coordinating all bookkeeping and administrative activities. This position requires a highly motivated,
independently working individual to manage a busy office setting with frequent deadlines and demands.
Duties involve general clerical and accounting activities, project-based work, communication with
residents and City Council members, and exemplary organizational and problem-solving skills.

Duties shall include, but not be limited, to the following areas:

• Great communication skills in the English language with individuals and groups in a face-to-face
one-to-one setting or by telephone.
• Direct activities of a multifaceted department
• Comprehend various printing and reproduction techniques, Microsoft Office, Zoom, various
computer programs and their applicability to City usage.
• Establish relationships and work cooperatively with City officials, employees, and the public.

Reception and Customer Service
1. Receives requests, complaints, and information from the public and answers questions,
researches records, directs them to the appropriate person, and transmits messages to the City
staff or Council members.
2. Effective and respective communication and interactions with co-workers, City Council
members, citizens, City engineer, City attorney, Goodhue County officials and departments,
various departments of the state and federal levels, vendors the City purchases from.

Interaction with City Council
1. Keeps City Council informed on all aspects of municipal government and researches improved
methods of administration for possible implementation in the City.
2. Follows through to assure City ordinances, resolutions, policies, and other directives are properly
interpreted, administered, and carried out.
3. Prepares agendas with supporting documentation for meetings and delivers agendas to City
4. Conduct research and complete special projects and tasks as directed.

Accounting and Clerical
1. On behalf of the City creates, modifies, and distributes letters, reports, and correspondence.
2. Photocopy, fax, scan, mail/email documents and letters.
3. Develop and maintain organized paper and electronic files. 4. Attend all regular & special City meetings, prepares City meeting agendas, take & type minutes at
City meetings, perform duties assigned, post & publish notice of meetings as required by law, and
deliver agendas to City Council.
5. Coordinates, plans, and assists with sound accounting policies and administrative practices which
provide the necessary financial data for all departments of the City to guide their planning and
decision making.
6. Prepares accounts payable transactions that includes reviewing claims, provide list to City Council
for approval, prepare checks, co-signs checks, and code & post transactions to accounting
7. Process all accounts receivable transactions that includes making bank deposits and code & post
transactions to accounting and utility billing software.
8. Prepare and issue all monthly utility bills and receive & record payments. Work with Maintenance
Supervisor for the transfer of data to and from water meter reading equipment and software with
deadlines for completion of this.
9. Notifies City Maintenance Supervisor of delinquent utility accounts and issues notice to property
owners of payment requirements and deadline to avoid disconnection of water services.
10. Prepare annual City budget and presents to City Council for review and adoption. Recommends
revisions or adjustments, compares to previous year’s budget, complies with all State Auditor
mandated rules of posting and reporting budget data.
11. Responsible for certifying special assessments, charges, and tax levies to County Auditor. Receives
and records all amounts received to accounting software and special assessment records.
12. Calculates and prepares payroll checks, remittance of state, federal, social security, & Medicare
taxes withheld, and remittance of pension amounts. Monthly and quarterly reporting of taxes
withheld and remitted. Monthly and annual reporting of pension amounts remitted. Yearend
preparation of W-2 statements and W-3 forms and submission to employee, MN Department of
Revenue, and U.S. Social Security and IRS Office. Maintain employee personnel records.
13. Annual preparation of 1099 Miscellaneous forms and submission to vendors.
14. Files quarterly report and remittance of sales and solid waste management taxes as required by
the State.
15. Administer zoning activities that includes preparing agendas for Economic Development Board
meetings, implementation and interpretation of Zoning Ordinance, and prepare & mail notices to
affected properties of any proposed variances, conditional use permits, and amendments to the
Zoning Ordinance. Semi-annual report to Goodhue County and annual report to U.S. Census
Department of zoning permits issued.
16. Oversees and maintains the City’s record retention plan. Oversees access to confidential, private,
and public data as set in the Government Data Practices Act.
17. Works with Goodhue County Election Department for State General and Municipal Elections.
18. Oversees the application process for City issued liquor, tobacco, and pet licenses.
19. Work with City engineer, lending agencies, financial consultants, and bond counsel for City Street
and utility improvement projects. Record and monitor all bond and loan payments due and
payments received from properties assessed.
20. Files quarterly Unemployment Insurance Wage Detail Report to Department of Employment &
Economic Development.
21. Files annual water appropriation permit form to MN Department of Natural Resources of annual
water usage.
22. Files annual Fire State Aid form and Certification of Service Areas Protected to MN Department of
23. Maintains record of pledged collateral by official depositories to meet statute requirements. 24. Prepares, posts, and publishes notices of meetings and ordinances as required by law.
25. General land use and zoning, building permits – setbacks
26. Bond Financing and TIF

Equipment and Computer Software Used
This position uses a variety of equipment that includes a copy machine, printer/scanner/fax machine,
10-key calculator, and telephone. Software used is CTAS accounting/payroll, Continental Utility Billing,
Beacon (for reading water meters), Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

Required Skills/Experience
Individual must be able to effectively use a computer, office equipment, computer software, email, and
have good word processing and writing skills. Exemplary organizational, problem solving, and
communicative skills are also required. This position demands an adaptable, ambitious, and outgoing
person with effective time management skills and multi-tasking abilities. Individuals must be able to
work in an office environment and sit at a computer for extended periods of time. Knowledge of or the
ability to learn the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to City government is required.

Work Schedule
This is an hourly position based upon working a 40-hour week. Office hours are Monday-Friday. City
council meetings are generally held in the evening and travel out of town to some meetings is required.

Minimum Requirements
• High School Diploma or Equivalent.
• Two (2) years relevant vocational training or four (4) years related experience preferred.
• Proficient typing skills.
• Office management skills.
• Proficient Data processing and computer skills using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,
• Completed the “Minnesota Municipal Clerk” training by the time of application or be able
to achieve that status within 4 years of being hired.


Pay Range: $19.00 – $26.00
Generous benefit package: PERA retirement plan, HSA, Health Insurance, Paid Vacation,
Paid Sick Time, Paid Holidays

Please submit application, cover letter and resume

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